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Jamie Pagel Witcpalek | Co-owner Pagel Family Businesses

Jamie Pagel Witcpalek, co-owner of Pagel Family Businesses. Photo courtesy of The Country Today.

“Caring Through a Crisis” 

Written by: Jamie Pagel Witcpalek

The true strength of a community is demonstrated by the support we lend to one another, in good times and bad.  Based on my family’s personal experience, we were surrounded by kind words, prayers, food, and friendship during the most difficult time of our lives. Now, during this difficult time in our community, we want to reciprocate the support we received and show appreciation. Our program, “Meating the Need”, enables us to donate beef and cheese to our local food pantry and schools. We also applaud Carlton Hunting and Fishing Club, Kewaunee FFA Alumni, Kewaunee County Dairy Promotion Board and many others for their contributions.

We love the community we live in and will do whatever we can to take care of it! This pandemic will have an effect on all of us.  Personally and professionally we are greatly impacted, and struggle to see the good.  It’s hard to always be positive so let’s look to each other for patience and courage to make it another day, hoping for a better tomorrow.  We can’t predict the future, but one thing we can do is stick together, while we “stay 6 feet apart”?.