Knowing that stress can affect the taste and quality of a cow’s milk, cow comfort is a top priority at Pagel’s Ponderosa. This is addressed through:

  • Individual Bedding Stalls
    • Each cow’s stall is outfitted with a light, airy mattress made from dried and sterilized bio solids.
  • Fans
    • Heavy-duty barn fans ensure a consistent temperature and comfortable environment.
  • Curtain Sidewalls
    • The curtains open for continuous air flow during summer and close for warmth during the winter.
  • Mounted Brushes
    • Cows can kick-back and enjoy a pleasant back-scratch or massage in the barn.
  • Pedicures
    • With regular hoof trimming, cows can walk more comfortably and are less susceptible to infection.

Other comforts include regular hoof washing and even a hot tub for sore muscles! We do whatever we can to ensure our cows are relaxed on the Ponderosa!