At Pagel’s Ponderosa, cows are monitored 24/7 and receive weekly herd checks. During the herd checks, farm staff evaluates milk production, safety and cleanliness of the surroundings, and the potential for sickness. Additionally, EVERY Pagel’s employee is trained on animal care and handling.

Pagel’s employs strict protocol in the event of a health concern. A sick cow will be monitored, given special attention, and often separated from the herd. We do not use any antibiotics unless it is absolutely necessary. If antibiotics are used, the cow is placed in a special hospital pen to ensure her milk is not used to make dairy products.

Sometimes, the key to curing a cow’s illness lies within one of its neighbors. It’s called cannulating and involves taking some of the “good bacteria” from a healthy cow’s stomach and putting it into a sick one. This allows the cow to break down nutrients into energy and is very effective at stemming losses in the herd. Furthermore, neither cow is harmed during the process, and there is no use of antibiotics.