The cows’ six free-stall barns were designed for comfort. The herd is given 500,000 square feet of living space, and each cow has ample room to lay down in a soft bedding made from dried bio solids.

The cows are fed a balanced total-mixed-ration (TMR) diet comprised of grains, alfalfa and proteins, and feed is always catered to a particular period in a cow’s life.  The farm employs dairy nutritionists who plan out the best blend of food to keep the animals healthy and producing the highest-quality milk. We have a lot of control over what our cows eat, because the majority of the feed is grown here on the Ponderosa’s 8,500 acres.

For cow comfort and efficiency, the farm is equipped with a 72-stall rotary milking parlor and a double 20 parlor. With rubber mats installed for comfort, we find the cows are very content during the milking and enjoy riding on the “merry-go-round!”