The most valuable resource on Pagel’s Pondrosa Dairy is our people. We employ more than 100 highly-skilled workers from the community, and as a family farm, all of our employees are treated as family.

Our farm’s success can be accredited to three guiding principles:

  • Ingenuity – Every employee at Pagel’s Ponderosa has the opportunity to enhance the farm through their creativity. We look to maintain an open and receptive environment for new, innovative ideas!
  • Teamwork – Motivation and productivity increase when everyone has a voice, listens, and encourages each other.
  • Diversity – As a team, we learn from each other with our varied education, experiences, and backgrounds.

By continuing to set production records, our workers have made it clear they have a true passion for what they do, taking pride in the farm and always striving to do better. We are thoroughly invested in them and provide them with whatever tools they need to help tend to their success.


Employee Training

One of the main education classes every employee takes is cow care and handling. Our farm staff is most engaged by the hands-on aspects of the work and enjoys caring for the cows. We also provide employees with job safety and maintenance training, and the managers receive management training.

Aside from teaching our employees skills that will help them with their performance, we also want to help them to develop personally through their career on the Ponderosa. This is why we created the CARS (Communication, Accountability, Respect, and Sustainability) program. We want our employees to have an attitude and mindset that helps foster a positive and harmonious environment. We believe the CARS program enhances team building, projects the company’s values, encourages our staff to develop personally and professionally, and allows for discussion about how our employees represent the farm both on and off duty.


Employee Benefits

Pagel’s Ponderosa tries to take care of its employees just as much as they care for us by offering a competitive benefits package, including:

  • Health Insurance
  • Personal Accident Planning
  • Life Insurance
  • Self-Improvement Classes

Occasional social events, like billiards tournaments, are fun ways we hope to draw employees together and allow them to learn more about each other.


Career Opportunities

Occupations on Pagel’s Ponderosa include:

  • Administrative Assistant
  • Agronomist
  • Assistant Calf Manager
  • Artificial Inseminator Technician
  • Bedding Technician
  • Bovine Pedicure Specialist
  • Breeding Technician
  • Calf Manager
  • Cheesemaker
  • Construction Manager
  • Cow Mover
  • Custom Crop Harvester
  • Dairy Herd Manager
  • Digester Technician
  • Electrician
  • Excavator
  • Feed Technician
  • Fresh Cow/Maternity Manger
  • Heifer Specialist
  • Human Resource Assistant
  • Maintenance Manager
  • Maternity Technician
  • Milking Parlor Technician
  • Nutritionist
  • Office Manager
  • Parlor Manager
  • Production Assistant
  • QA Tech
  • Relief Parlor Technician
  • Reproduction Manager
  • Sanitation Tech
  • Shift Leader
  • Shop Mechanic
  • Truck Driver
  • Welder
  • Veterinarian

We encourage qualified applicants to apply for any open positions! Pagel’s Ponderosa looks for the following qualities in new hires: a positive attitude, willingness to handle a new challenge, a strong work ethic, accountability, and a drive to help others succeed!