Guaranteed “Cow-to-Countertop” Freshness

There is something different about our cheese that is impossible not to notice…

It’s fresh!

Pagel’s Ponderosa is a true farmstead cheese operation—meaning the cheese is made on the farm with milk exclusively from our own cows. Everything, from the milking of the cows to the making of the cheese, happens right here on the Ponderosa!

Our cheese is made from healthy, pampered cows raised on the Ponderosa from birth—allowing for total quality control and traceability. We don’t take shortcuts in providing the best possible care for our animals, and as such, our cows’ diet sources predominantly from our farm. This comfortable and contained lifestyle helps yield the best cheese-making milk possible!

“Farmstead” is the only way to make a cheese that maintains the Ponderosa standard for quality and freshness!

Farmstead Cheese Varieties

Pagel’s Ponderosa prides itself in its variety of award-winning farm-fresh cheeses. Our most popular selection consists of our original Snow Cheddar, Garlic & Herb, 3 Pepper Cheddar, and Horseradish Jack.

Buy Ponderosa Farmstead Cheese

In 2014, John Purchased Ron’s Wisconsin Cheese where our farm-fresh products are now sold.

Our cheese making is the culmination of our love for farm-fresh food. And with the help of a long list of retailers and Ron’s online store, we are pleased cheese lovers from across the country can now experience the high-quality, flavorful products created on the Ponderosa!



Additional Resources

Farm-Fresh Family [pdf]