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Use the fleshy part below the thumb to test the doneness of your steak.

May is National Beef Month! What better way to celebrate than with a juicy Ponderosa Farmstead Steak? Read more to find out how to grill the perfect steak.

Rare: Bring your thumb to your pointer finger.  The flesh area, right below your thumb should feel a little firmer than it would if your hand was laying flat.

Medium Rare: Move your thumb so it touches the middle finger. You will notice the fleshy area, below the thumb, is tensed but still has some plumpness.

Medium: Move your thumb so that the tip of your thumb touches your ring finger. As you touch the area below the thumb, there won’t be a lot of “give”. The area will feel tight.

Well Done: Bring your thumb all the way to your pinky. The area below the thumb will be firm.

Using the “hand-test” is recommended by chefs because you do not puncture or cut into the meat, letting out its juices. The juices provide flavor and keep the meat moist.

At the Ponderosa, we prefer our steaks medium-rare. However, we must warn you that “consuming raw or undercooked meats may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

Are you looking to fill your freezer with farm-fresh, Ponderosa Farmstead, limousin beef? To order a quarter or half, contact Bryan at 388-1051.